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Pool Opening Instructions

  1. Remove all the debris off the cover.
  2. Pump all the water off the cover using a submersible pump or siphon. As you remove the water, brush the cover occasionally - this should adequately clean the cover. If the water is clean, you may pump just the clean water back into the pool. In this case, do not brush the cover until you have stopped pumping the water into the pool.
  3. Remove the pool cover. For an inground pool tries the following procedure: Decide in which direction you want to pull the cover. Remove all the water bags or fasteners from all the sides except the side you are going to pull it toward. Walk the cover toward the "anchored" side being careful not to let the edges fall into the pool. When you reach the anchored side "reel" in the edges of the cover. This is important so that any trapped water does not flow out of the folds and back into the pool. Now secure both corners of the cover by standing on them as you pull the center of the cover out of the pool. If the center is too heavy - you did not remove enough water initially. If necessary, put the pump back into the center pocket of the cover. Be sure you keep the ends of the cover secured.
  4. Lay the cover out to air dry. "Fan Fold" the cover and store in a dry area. It is not necessary to scrub the cover, if you brushed it as it was being pumped off. The cover will last equally as long.
  5. Re-install all the plugs that were removed for winter - (pump. filter, heater, and chlorinator).
  6. Assemble all pump and filter pipes to respective fittings. Check the condition of the sand, cartridge or DE elements. Clean or replace if necessary.
  7. Be sure the filter top is secure, the tank drain is closed and the filter valve is in the "Filter" position.
  8. Remove all winterizing plugs from the pool suction lines and return lines.
  9. Install all deck equipment including skimmer baskets and return directionals.
  10. Fill the pool to the normal operating level. The liner will shrink if the water level is left below its normal level too long. Prime the pump with enough water to fill the suction line. Prime the chlorinator if it has a tube that connects to the pools suction line.
  11. Start the pump motor. Check the plumbing for air or water leaks. Add DE if required.
  12. Add the appropriate opening chemicals. It is very important to understand how to add each chemical. Ask if you are unsure. Bring in a water sample for computerized testing.

Pool Closing Instructions

  1. Clean the pool and filter.  Remove all deck equipment; i.e. ladder, rails, etc.
  2. Add the appropiate closing chemicals.  Allow the system to circulate for 2-3 hours before proceeding.  Be sure you understand the correct order and procedure for adding the chemicals.
  3. Shut off the pump and turn off the breaker.  If you only shut off the timer the pump will usually turn on after 24 hours.  Be sure to shut off the breaker to the pump.
  4. Remove the directionals and baskets from the pool.  Place the directionals in the skimmer basket for winter storage.

    Perform steps 5-8 to winterize any underground plumbing.  If your system is below the pool's water level ask us for special closing instructions.
  5. Disconnect the return line from the filter.  Using a strong shop vac, blow out the return lines.  You should notice air bubbling into the pool.
  6. Using winterizing plugs, plug each line starting with the one which blew out air first.  Do not shut off the blower until the last plug is installed.
  7. Disconnect the pipe from the front of the pump, or through the pump housing, blow the suction lines seperately and plug the skimmers using gizzmos.  If your pool has a bottom drain, completely shut off the drain line valve while blowing out the line to create an air lock.
  8. Pour at least 1/2 gallon of non-toxic pool line anti-freeze into the suction lines and 1/2 gallon into the return lines.

    Perform step 9-12 only if you have an above ground pool.
  9. Drain the pool a couple of inches below the skimmer.
  10. Remove the directional from the wall fitting and install a threaded plug.
  11. Install a winter freeze plate on the skimmer.  Remove the hose from the bottom of the skimmer and remove the hose connected to the return fitting at the pool wall.
  12. Install the air pillow (optional).

    For all pools perform step 13-15.
  13. Remove the drain plug from the bottom of the filter.  Place the multi-port valve (if it exists) between two postions or remove it from the filter.  Store the pressure gauge indoors.
  14. Remove the drain plugs from the pump, chlorinator, and heater.  Place the plugs in the pump basket for storage.  Install the pool's winter cover.  On above ground pools, be sure the covers' cable does not run under the skimmer or return fitting.  We strongly recommend wall bags instead of cover cables.
  15. Periodically drain off the cover.  Keep it drained in the fall and again in the spring.  Do not fill water tubes, bags, or air pillows more the 2/3 full.

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